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Bodhrán - lessons

The bodhrán - classes I give are aimed at all skill levels and all ages.

It does not matter whether you take the bodhrán in your hand for the first time or whether you are already playing rhythms. When it comes to music, you can only be enriched.


With the goal in mind to spark the same passion among my students that I feel for this instrument, I take part in every lesson with heart and soul.


Bodhrán - private lessons

Individually tailored to your personal goals and interests, I will show you different playing techniques, rhythms, accompaniments to various pieces and much more. - Just tailored to you.

Lessons face to face:

The traditional one-to-one lessons can take place with you or in my premises. It is important to know that I live in the Bamberg area . Of course, I don't just limit myself to Bamberg during my lessons. If you live in the direction of Würzbug, Bayreuth, Coburg or Nuremberg , that's no problem either . However, for lessons that are supposed to take place next to you, but are not in the Bamberg area, an additional fee is to pay to cover my additional travel costs.

Lessons online:


The private lessons can also take place online (via zoom etc.). A sufficient internet connection is required for this. With this option, a test call will be made in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the lesson.

Individual lessons by appointment.

Email with the subject: private lessons - name to:

bodhran-passion [at]


First lesson: 60min / 25 €

Individual lessons: 60min / 30 €

A rental instrument during private lessons via face to face is of course provided.

Bodhrán - workshops

Would you prefer to attend a workshop where you can learn the basics and advanced techniques with others? Then take a look at the dates where there are workshops with me.


The costs for workshops can be found on the respective website of the workshop.

You can find out whether rental instruments are available at the workshops on the                                                                  website itself.

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