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About me

Markus Pede


Born in Franconia, I turned to Irish music in 2012 and absolutely wanted to be able to play a few rhythms on the Bodhran. In the meantime I play in two bands (Larún, The Clanmakenoise) and give individual lessons and workshops. When asked who I learned the most from, it was Stevie Moises, Guido Plüschke and Rolf Wagels. My goal is to pass on my knowledge of the bodhrán with joy, passion and dedication and to make the instrument a little more known.



Larun - When the City Sleeps


A year after their stage debut, LARÚN released When The City Sleeps, the long-awaited first studio album. On their debut work, the most international band on the scene combines multifacetedness, technical perfection and great emotions.

The first elaborately produced music videos quickly broke the ten-thousand mark last year, so the bar was very high. Just as much passion, musical flair and technical know-how has been invested in the production of the first EP.

Andrea Gobbi from Glasgow, who is responsible for the albums of Ímar, Talisk, Hamish Napier and Treacherous Orchestra, was won as sound engineer. The result is a good thirty minutes of energetic traditional Irish music, which is also presented in a refreshingly modern form due to the many original compositions.

Guest appearances


Stout - Undaunted


UNDAUNTED - Undaunted, that's the motto of the two guys from STOUT on their new album. They fearlessly developed their music further and added all their influences to the Irish Folk. Traditional and modern folk, rock, heavy metal, swing, pop and more come together harmoniously on UNDAUNTED. Last but not least, the pure two-part vocals from STOUT unite the music on UNDAUNTED. Contradictions are resolved and the music is passionately celebrated from very quiet to very loud, from sad to cheerful.


Crosswind - Unwinding Road


"The road is long but it always unwinds. And I find if you take your time you will make it fine… ”- says the new CD from Crosswind. The four young musicians took their time because good things take time and so, after three and a half years of creative work, they are presenting their second studio album - Unwinding Road.

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